31 Days of comics, day 14

Day 14 people!  Two weeks worth of comic goodness already and way more to come, I cannot say enough how much fun this has been so far, difficult at times, but great fun.  Today’s challenge comes in the form of a comic I love but will never read again, which is a really easy one to be honest with you, all I had to do was remind myself of the challenge and it popped straight into my head.  Let’s get this started, shall we?

A comic that you love that you’ll never read again.

Cyber Force volumes 1 & 2
From Top Cow Productions/Image

Cyber Force.  A series that I have a great deal of fondness for, and a team that to this day I still love.  Volumes 1 and 2 were so important for several reasons, especially Volume 1.  It marked to departure of several top Marvel artists, the birth of Image comics and a break away from the norm when it came to what people wanted to read.  Cyber Force was the first piece from Marc Silvestri and his fledgling Top Cow, and it gave you an idea of where things might be headed.

The book itself is pretty fun, but while I enjoyed the first two volumes, it was volume 3 under the writing of Ron Marz where I think it really came into it’s own.  Yes, the first two volumes do suffer with what I’m going to refer to as “90’s syndrome”.  It was from the period where female readers weren’t really ackowledged by the industry, and female creators were extremely scarce.  What resulted was a lot of books relying on using boobs and ass to sell books, with lots of violence and explosions to seal the deal.  Like I said, it’s a fun book to sit down and fairly mindlessly flip through, but it suffers quite badly from this and as a result comes off a little bit too cheesey for my liking, or at least it is now, where my tastes have evolved a fair bit through reading all kinds of stuff.

There is one other fault with it, and while this can be excused to a certain extent, but this is probably the main reason why I can’t really go back to it: it lives in the shadow of the X-Men too much.  Now, you can excuse this because the idea behind Cyber Force was actually a pitch Marc Silvestri made to Marvel while he was working on X-Men, it was meant to be about mutants and fall into the same time frame and continuity that X-Men was running with at the time.  There are notable similarities between quite a few characters at this stage in Cyber Force’s life with many of the X-Men.  My issue here is not that it is close to another comic, this happens frequently but if done right, doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the book, it’s specifally the fact that it’s so close to X-Men, who I really don’t like.

Those two things together are what stop me reading it, but on to the positives.  A big part of why I loved this so much was that these characters would go on to become something worlds apart from the X-Men, and this book lays the groundwork for it all.  It’s what inspired Silvestri to avoid the idea of a shared Image Universe and run with his own at Top Cow, which would eventually bring the Witchblade, the Darkness, the Hunter-Killers and so much more, along for the crazy ride.  It was a book that, through Volumes 1 and 2 anyway, I could switch off to a certain degree and just have a blast flipping through.  It wasn’t something that would challenge me to think about what’s going on.  That’s what Ron Marz brought to the table with it, and while I think that was right for it at the time, had that come any earlier it would have maybe put people off a little.  Sometimes that’s what you want from a book, and I do genuinely adore this comic, but for the above reasons, I could never go back to it I don’t think.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the fourteenth day of the 31 day challene, if you haven’t read the inspiration for this, go check that out here.  Also, go here and say hi on twitter!


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