31 Days of comics, day 13

So here we are once again for the 31 days of comics challenge, all the way up to day 13 now!  Today’s challenge is a great plot twist, which I’m actually having a slightly tough time in deciding on, partly because there’s a few that spring to mind and partly because I’m fairly tired.  I’m pretty sure I know which I want to go for, but it does break my self imposed rule of no duplicate comics.  Since I’ve already broken that one once, I’m thinking “to hell with it” and I’m going to do it again anyway.

A great plot twist

JLA #3 from DC Comics

This is a series I have a lot of time for, I really do.  Grant Morrison is a fantastic writer, so having him kick this series off is a good start!  Right at the beginning of the series we have the JLA coming under pressure from the public due to the appearance of a new super team, the Hyper Clan, who are doing everything the JLA do but better, while also improving the way of life for all of humanity.  The Hyper Clan show themselves to the people of Earth as their saviours, sowing the seeds of doubt and discord when it comes to the JLA with clever speeches after a show of heroics.

Eventually, they cast down the JLA and brand them unworthy to protect mankind from the threats they come under.  Batman, of course, is not buying into this whole show they’re putting on and starts digging, so the Hyper Clan try to put him down and in fact believe they have by this point.  Now what I assumed was going to be a superhuman take over of Earth by villains posing as heroes turned out to be something quite different…

This Hyper Clan is actually a group of White Martians attempting a sly take over of Earth by posing as heroes, wiping out their biggest threat, then subjugating the entire world through their incredible power (and a readied invasion fleet hiding in a hyperspace pocket just out side of Earth’s atmosphere), taking on the guise of humans with super powers to get the general populace on side.

While their hard work is unravelled by Batman, what I enjoyed the most was the revelation that this was a full on White Martian invasion, which is ushered in early by Batman’s largely successful interference, I didn’t see it coming at all when I read it.  It was probably the book that really got me into Grant Morrison’s writing, he has a great ability to throw you off the scent and chuck a revelation like this at you.  It was a really fun book to read, one that stuck with me and one that I think is a really great plot twist.

Tomorrow, if I can find the time to get both posts up, I will be looking at some of this week’s releases, I can say right now that I didn’t hate Supergirl #28 like I thought I would.  It’s not going to go down as a classic, but Tony Bedard has shown that he has knowledge and respect of the character so I guess the only thing is to wait and see.  Lots of other cool stuff out this week too that I’m looking forward to discussing.  Thanks for stopping by once again, I apologise for the brief post today but I’ve been trying to get some reading caught up on and am shattered now.  Time for bed now, good night all!


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