31 Days of comics, day 12

So, today’s entry for 31 Days of Comics is well and truly the definition of winning by default.  I have one “holiday” themed book in my collection that I can see, and I don’t ever recall reading another one.  I’m really not that big a fan of this kind of thing to be honest, most of the books I read would have to be pulled out of their usual tone to accomodate a holiday special of some sort, and I tend to find special issues like this kind of cheesey and gimmicky.  There are very few specials like this on TV I can sit and enjoy, even a show like Chuck, that I absolutely love by the way, pushed me too far on the Christmas episodes.  I just don’t like it, probably never will, so I tend to actively avoid holiday themed books like the plague itself.

This was altered somewhat by my determination to snap up as many Top Cow books as I could, if possible I wanted them all.  Still do I guess, but now that I’m down to the last few hard to find things I’m not actively looking like I was.  But that brings us around to today’s “choice”.

Great holiday comic

Top Cow Holiday Special 2010

This was a double hitter for all you Christmas lovers out there, especially if you’re a fan of Top Cow, as this was one of those flip book comics.  The front story was the main, surprisingly well intergrated, in universe story set around the Christmas time and on the flip side was a story called Jingle Belle, about the daughter of Santa, written by the legendary Paul Dini.  While a huge fan of his work, I just didn’t enjoy Jingle Belle at all, mostly because I didn’t really care about it.

This was bought purely as a collection filler, but being an avid reader of comics I had to give it a go and see what it was all about, so basically you have a woman who abandons her child at a New York fire station.  The idea is that there are supernatural forces at work, with their machinations centred around the abandoned child, which brings all the characters you know and love from the Top Cow Universe together to aid the child and figure out what’s going on.  And this is no exaggeration, I do mean pretty much all the Top Cow characters.  The Witchblade, The Darkness, The Angelus, The Magdalena, Cyber Force, the Hunter-Killers all out in force, putting aside any differences they may have in the spirit of the season and for the good of the baby.

It’s all a bit soft, and as far as the continuity of the Top Cow Universe goes maybe pushing it a little bit, but there was a clear effort to make this fit into the universe and not be too much of a stretch.  I didn’t love it, I’ll be frank, but it is technically the best holiday comic I’ve read so sadly there’s not much more I can do with this.  And while I say that, I didn’t hate it and I do love seeing the whole Top Cow gang team up every now and then, fun almost always ensues in those situations.  So there’s a positive.

In fact, you know there is another plus to this, and that’s the art.  As always, it is a spectacularly drawn and coloured comic, an area that Top Cow are really beaten in by any of their competition.  They have such a knack for bringing in some phenomenal talent in the art department, and let’s be fair here, if you’re an artist and Marc Silvestri comes a knockin’ you’re not saying no.  It means that even stories that are either a bit weak, or not to my tastes, I can still enjoy flipping through them to gaze at the pretty artwork.

That’s about all I’ve got for this one tonight, bit of a disappointing one I know, but things will be a whole lot easier from tomorrow up until day 22.  I just had a quick glance down the master list (found here remember) and while 22 is going to be a really, really tough one, between now and then seems like it’ll be quite a bit of fun.

Day off from the day job tomorrow so going to be picking up this week’s releases, I can say for certain there will be discussion on at least one of those issues, one that I’m honestly absolutely dreading reading.  Supergirl #28, first issue of the Red Daughter of Krypton story line, so check back tomorrow for my next update and probable reviews.  Thanks for stopping by, take it easy guys!


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