31 Days of comics, day 11

I’m having a lot of trouble with today’s entry – “An old comic you love”.  It’s a simple problem, in that I honestly don’t really read a lot of old comics, or what I would automatically consider “old”.  There’s so much modern age material out there that I haven’t read yet and want to that I’ve not even considered looking back much further than the 90’s.  So I’ve come up with a quick little work around, I’m actually going to give “old” a definitve point, that being a comic that’s 20 years old or more.  It encompasses a relatively small part of my collection, but nonetheless gives me a fighting chance of being able to complete this challenge.  On the plus side, today’s challenge has opened my eyes to the fact that I need to start looking further back and picking up some classic stories from my favourite characters.

This one is a fairly vague one if I’m being honest, I know that this comic was released in 1994 but I’m not entirely sure what month, so it might be a little bit younger than 20 years, but it’ll do.  This is easily my all time favourite released during this year, and probably one of the best things to come out of not just the 90’s, but also from the Elseworlds series of comics from DC.

An old comic you love

Batman: In Darkest Knight
Written by Mike W. Barr and illustrated by Jerry Bingham

This has to be one of the coolest Batman and Green Lantern stories ever told, all rolled into one comic of coolness.  The premise is that Abin Sur’s ship crashes on Bruce Wayne’s property in Gotham, the same night that Bruce has gone out on his first, completely disastrous night of crime fighting.  He’s had the absolute hell beaten out of him, and is sitting in a chair in front of a bust of his father asking for a way to carry out his self appointed mission.

Bruce ends up at odds with Sinestro, swiftly taking him down and handing him over to the Guardians before returning to Earth to watch over his city.  Sinestro is banished to Qward, discovering his yellow power ring while on Earth Bruce manages to convince a distrusting Gordon to figure out who killed Bruce’s parents without giving away his true identity.  Once close, Sinestro shows up, kills Gordon and goes and finds Joe Chill, using his yellow power ring to absorb his mind which results in a weird sort of dual identity.

Long story short, Bruce is so obsessed with dealing with Sinestro on Earth that the other planets under his watch in Sector 2814 start to fall to Sinestro’s power, causing the Guardians to wonder whether Bruce is right for the job or not.  Bruce, of course, refuses to give up his ring, so the Guardians deputise 3 other Lanterns from Earth in one of the best moments of this comic.


That’s right, to try to bring Bruce back under control, the Guardians recruit Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash into the Green Lantern Corps.  I think that should just about cover Earth, then!  This is the great thing with Elseworlds books, it gives the creative team the freedom to pretty much do whatever the damn hell they want with existing characters.  It’s a breath of fresh air from continuity heavy stories, especially when you’re looking to read some older comics but are daunted by all the back story, unsure where to start.  They’re usually a lot of fun, and that’s exactly what “In Darkest Knight” is, it’s fun.  The art is nothing particularly amazing, and for some strange reason when The Flash gets his power ring it puts a domino mask over his normal mask (it looks so weird) but it’s not a book that wants you to take super seriously.  You just have to sit down, relax and enjoy the ride.

And so we come to a close, that’s day 11 done and dusted.  Taking a quick look at tomorrow’s, a great holiday comic, I can already tell you I have absolutely no clue what so ever what I’m going to use for that.  No doubt I’ll be pondering over it tomorrow while I should be working, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone.  Thanks for stopping by again, while I’m thinking about Batman and Green Lantern still I shall leave you with this amusing image I found while trawling through the internet trying to find the scan of Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash.  Enjoy!

green lantern batman1


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