31 Days of comics, day 10

Day 10, and this is another toughie.  Probably one of the toughest actually, “most beautiful scene in any comic”.  I mean, for starters, I havent read every single comic ever.  In fact, while I think I have read quite a lot, the reality is that in terms of how many exist out in the world, I have barely made a dent.  But still, I have quite a good one in mind, the only thing is that it breaks my original plan of not replicating anything throughout, I wanted a different series for each day.  You know what, screw it, I don’t care.  I find very few things, whether it’s comics, video games, movies or any other medium really draw out any sort of emotion from me, it’s so rare for anything like that to affect me but this particular scene went from a vicious battle to one of care and worry in such a way that I couldn’t help feeling warm and fuzzy.

Most beautiful scene in any comic

Fables #27 from Vertigo

That’s right folks, we’re already back on Fables!  I did mention how much I love this series, right?  This takes place very early on in the series, but I’m going to throw a big fat spoiler warning in here anyway in case any of you, like me, are really late to this party as there are some very big spoilers abound.  Anyway, a huge battle has taken place at Fabletown as the adversary has sent an army of wooden soliders to take the Fables down.  Bigby is out of town at this time, and Snow White is pregnant with his child.  The circumstances in which the child was conceived has caused some awkwardness and a certain amount of animosity between the two, Snow is really not happy about the situation.  At all.  To the point where she can’t really talk to Bigby, who desperately wants to be involved and help as much as he can.

So, big battle, the Fables are on the verge of losing with fires raging and people dying, then a huge gust of wind blows a load of the wooden soldiers away.  Bigby shows up just in time to tip the balance in the favour of the Fables, hitting the wooden soldiers from behind and storming through them in his proper Big Bad Wolf appearance.  He is not an angry man at this point, not some half man half wolf.  Oh no, he is a very angry big ass wolf, really big. 

Not a happy wolf…

So you have this massive fight winding down, Bigby furious and just destroying this wooden guys, then this happens.


The following page (which, frustratingly, I cannot find a scan of anywhere and my trade is too thick to scan) has Bigby nudge her away gently with the end of his nose, telling Snow to get back inside and be safe until they’re done finishing up in the street, saying “Think of the cubs”.  It’s just this really sweet scene between the two, with the juxtaposition of the chaotic battle that has raged adding extra emphasis to how nice this scene is.  And of course, with how frankly terrible things had been between the two up to this point, it makes it all the more heartwarming to see them like this.

I’m going to continue scouring the internet for a scan of the page after this one, and if I do find it I shall edit it into this post.  But for the time being, I’ve had a fairly long day today (back at the day job again after a week off.  Ugh.) so I’m going to make this fairly brief and call it there.  Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to everyone who’s been sharing my posts recently, it really is appreciated!  Good night and take care!


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