31 Days of comics, day 7

Well, running a little bit late today!  I’ve done so little today too, it’s quite bad that I’m only getting to this now (for the record, it’s 23:57 at the time of starting this) but here we are.  The problem I’ve got with this challenge, and this is entirely down to my own lack of planning, is I’ve not planned ahead.  I have the master list available over at Comic Book Resources (here in case you missed it before) and yet everytime I do one of my entries I sit in front of the laptop, sometimes furiously looking through my Collectorz software, quickly shortlisting anything I think is a contender for that particular day.  Fortunately, today only really had three major contenders, two of which I could quite easily drop onto another two challenge days, which left me with one fairly straight forward choice.  So no more jibber jabber, roll on day 7.

Your comfort comic

The Amazing Spider-Man from Marvel Comics

He had to show up on here some time, didn’t he?  I am actually being very specific here, though, and this cover has been chosen accordingly.  Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t actually read any of “The Amazing Spider-Man” and not enjoyed the hell out of it, but there is a very specific run that I can just continually go back to, that being #648-700.  I know that there are a massive number of Spidey fans out there that still hate issue #700, but that’s one of the few pieces of media that have hit home with me.  But the run on the whole, written by the one and only Dan Slott (who I will be queueing for as long as it takes to meet next month), is one of the most fun out there.  It has it’s ups, with Peter getting his amazing new job at horizon labs, and it has it’s downs, especially the end of the run.

This run also has the “Spier Island” story arc in too, which is one of my all time favourite story arcs from any comic, seeing everyone in Manhattan that doesn’t already have powers develop spider powers, then seeing the problems this brings pretty soon after was so damn good.  The great thing with Slott is his ability to bring along a really fun and compelling supporting cast of characters too, we have Carlie Cooper, working at the NYPD and dating Pete, we still have MJ kicking around, J Jonah Jameson is at his absolute best when being written by Dan Slott and the villains have a dark adge, they’re not inherently silly in any way which I think is a pitfall some writers can fall into when writing stories for characters like Spidey.

There is only one criticism I have of Dan Slott and his run on Spider-Man, that being his very obvious dislike of Black Cat.  I love Black Cat, and Felicia Hardy and I think that dynamic she brings to Spider stories is sorely lost here.  She isn’t completely left out, she does pop up every now and then but not as frequently as I;ve seen before and not as frequently as I’d like.  But, it is a very minor gripe in the grand scheme of things, and it’s clearly not something that impacts on me too much since this is, as I’ve said, my absolute favourite Spider-Man run.

Something else that really helps with this series is the frequent collaboration with Humberto Ramos.  There have been a lot of “favourites” of all sorts flying around this post today, but I’m going there again.  I’d also like to point out that this next part may make some Spider-Man fans howl with rage (we’ve seen from the Dan Slott death threats how some of you freaking lunatics react so you’ve been warned), but Humberto Ramos is hands down my favourite Spider-Man artist out there, and easily in my overall top five artists across comics in general.  The cover I used above is a Humberto Ramos pencilled cover, but I’m going to give you a few more examples of his Spidey work now.




As you can see, he does a great job on masked characters, and gets the flexible, acrobatic style of Spider-Man down perfectly, but looking at the MJ piece above I really like the way he draws faces, people out of costume.  This is what drew me in on his art in the first place, I can’t quite place my finger on what it is I like about them so much at this point, but needless to say I’m incredinly excited by the reunion of Slott and Ramos on the relaunch of Amazing Spider-Man later this year.  He has popped up for art duties every now and then on Superior Spider-Man, also written by Slott, and when he has those have been great weeks for me.

So there we go, I feel a little less biased through this now that we have a Marvel comic on the list.  Only down side is it’s the only one I’m subscribed to, well, “Superior” is the one on the list at the moment but you know what I mean.  So this may very well be the only action Marvel see on this list of mine, but since I’m going to continue winging this all the way through now you never know, we may well see womething else pop up too.

Well, that’s all from me tonight folks, my eyes are feeling so tired right now, I need to not be looking at a screen for a while.  Seems like a good chance to sit and read a few comics!  Or maybe sleep, I don’t know yet.  I do also have the Knights of Badassdom to watch at some point which I will share my thoughts on once watched, though seriously, Dani Pudi and Peter Dinklage in the same film, what could possibly go wrong?  Anyway, I’m running so far off the track now I’m just going to leave, thanks for stopping by!


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