31 Days of comics, day 4

Here we are again, welcome everyone to the fourth day of the 31 days of comics challenge.  Today’s is actually quite a straight forward one, being the first series I seriously persued it’s not something I need to think about.  I know what it was, all I have to do is explain why.  The only issue I’m having at the moment is that I’m trying to do this while watching an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it’s a little distracting.  So anyway, onwards with the challenge.

First comic series you seriously persued

Witchblade from Top Cow Productions

In case you hadn’t realised this already, I’m quite a big fan of Top Cow, they are the studio that I will pick up every number 1 from now, simply because they put out such consistently enjoyable books.  No, they do not get all of their books out on a monthly schedule, The Darkness has had two months between issues before now, but when I get them I can wholeheartedly say that I absolutely love them.  Part of the reason for this is their reputation for some of the best artwork in American comics, much of which is done by relative newcomers to the industry. 

Now, funnily enough, this wasn’t actually the first book that I bought.  When I was a kid, I had a few Batman and Spider-Man books and a passing interest in comics in general, but my interest was always more focussed on video games than comics.  What changed that was the incredible video game “The Darkness” from Starbreeze on the Xbox 360.  I was seriously pulled in by this game, so much more than just a regular first person shooter with it’s intense story line and truly believable characters.  When I heard it was based off a comic book, I needed that book immediately and so went digging around the internet and found the first fifty or so issues compiled into the first compendium.

This was just the beginning, however, as I went on to discover that this was not only part of a shared universe, but that Jackie Estacado had debuted in another book, called Witchblade.  Much to my excitement, by this time Top Cow had released volumes 1 and 2 of their Witchblade compendiums which led all the way up to the beginning of Ron Marz’s absolutely killer run on the series.  A run which brought the incredible Stjepan Sejic front and centre on art duties.  This series is what brought about my love of comics, seeing Sara Pezzini go from strength to strength, overcoming both her adversaries and her inner demons and then go on to do something I have not seen the main character of a comic do before; become a mother.  And during that interesting part of her career, even the substitute Witchblade bearer Dani Baptiste became a favourite character of mine.

Truth be told, not only was this series the first comic I seriously persued, I think it defined my tastes in comics completely.  Yes, I love reading stories with Batman and Superman, I love watching Hal, Guy, Kyle and Jon fly around the universe with their green power rings taking down huge threats, but thanks to Witchblade I have a real love of supernatural stories and characters and I can’t resist a well written story involving a strong female lead.  I don’t think it happens enough, I really don’t and even considering it’s shakey start as a “T and A” book, Witchblade evolved over the years into the story of a female detective, a damned good one at that, who could juggle her regular life and all the crazy shit she deals with.  It no longer needed to resort to flashing ass all the time, it stood strong on it’s own two feet and is now, I believe, the second longest running female lead book behind a certain magic lasso weilding warrior.

So there we have it, the first series I really seriously persued.  There are still a couple of gaps in that collection, but that has been whittled down to one or two crossover issues and maybe a one shot.  It’s actually been really nice discussing this one today, thanks for stopping by and checking this out.  Remember to stop by tomorrow for day five, “A great love story” which I can already say now has a very good chance of being yet another entry from Top Cow.

Also, if you’d like up to date, day to day ramblings or would like to chat further about any of this, follow me over here and ask away!  Thanks again for stopping by, see you tomorrow!


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