31 Days of comics, day 3

So this past weekend has been a combination of huge amounts of fun, then lots of work.  In that order.  It’s why this hasn’t run immediately after the second day, which is a bit of a shame but such is the way with life.  Still, it did give me the opportunity to have a really good think about this one, I know I needed it!  I’ve come to a realisation while trying to figure out what to use for this too, and that’s that I actually don’t have any straight up remakes or adaptations of previous works in my collection.  So here’s the deal; I’m going to totally cheat my way through this selection, and you’re going to deal with it!

Today’s tough challenge was “A great remake or adaptation of a previous work”.  Want to know what I’ve gone for?  Fair warning, it could very easily be argued this decision doesn’t really work, but I’m going with it anyway.  Since it’s a prequel series that runs before a fairly recent video game, I’m going to allow it as a kind of adaptation.  So there.

Great adaptation or remake of another work

Injustice: Gods Among Us from DC Comics

Now, whenever talk comes around of a comic being based off of a game, there tends to be a large collective groan from both the comic audience and the game audience, since they tend to be fairly crap.  Much like when there was that awful trend of putting out movie tie in games that were horrible in every sense of the word.  This series broke that trend, with writer Tom Tayler crafting one of the most enjoyable series that I have ever read, certainly one of the best books on my pull list at the moment.

As I said, it serves as a prequel to the game, “Injustice: Gods Among Us”, which I’ll be honest, I didn’t think was as good as Mortal Kombat but the story was really tight.  It means, however, that anyone that’s played through the game knows exactly where this story is going, but that’s not what you should be showing up for.  The journey that Taylor puts all of these characters on is what we’re here for.  The downfall of Superman, the death of Nightwing, the death of Green Arrow, the cracking of Black Canary.  Seeing the effect of Clark’s actions on Batman as he struggles to deal with his best friend losing it and putting his foot on the throat of the entire planet is fascinating.

Now that we are into year two things have shifted somewhat away from Superman, we’ve seen him spiral considerably and, yes, we do still see him as he is the main architect behind the new world order, this year seems to be focussing more on Hal Jordan and his downfall.  We know from the game that he doesn’t remain a Green Lantern, and even though Superman killed his best friend he has remained on side with him, alienating Dinah from him and pushing him further over the edge.

I think the thing I love the most about this series is how naturally everything comes together.  Nothing feels forced, relationships, friendships and now rivalries are all forming based on what has happened, not what the writer or editorial wants.  It means that you end up with some hilarious team up and alliances that you just don’t see coming, like Green Arrow saving Harley Quinn in the first year and the amazingly funny conversation that ensues between them.  It’s one of my most anticipated books month on month and I cannot wait for the next issue this week.

So there we have it, I guess you could still consider this a bit of a cheat but, like I said, I had no direct remakes or adaptations of prose work in my collection at this stage so I couldn’t really drop something on the list that I’ve not read.  I also highly recommend that you all go out and read Injustice, it’s available as a digital download, the first trade paperback is out if you want affordable print copies and year two is in full swing now so if you get caught up to date, there’s always more where that came from!

Thanks very much for stopping by, failing a massive catastrophe of some description I will return tomorrow for the fourth day, “First comic you seriously persued” which will be an incredibly easy one.  Everyone have a good day, thanks again for reading!


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