31 Days of comics, day 2

Greetings one and all and welcome to the second day of the “31 Days of comics” challenge.  Originally I had hoped to be able to whizz through tonight’s post because I started Alice: Madness Returns on my Xbox before I went to work, something I’m already totally in love with, but as it is number two is a really tough one.  Initially I thought of two or three comics I tend to recommend everyone read because I genuinely think that they are masterful works, but as pointed out in the Comic Book Resources article, this should be something for everyone.  So child friendly.  The issue for me here is that, skimming through my Collectorz software, there isn’t anything in my collection at all primarily aimed at kids, or made with kids in mind.  There is also a lot of fairly niche stuff, and many books based on characters that I know many people don’t have any interest in at all.

So we’re going back to my original way of thinking.  I’m just going to go with something that I heartily recommend to anyone looking for something new to read.  You ready?

A comic you recommend to everyone, no matter what

Think Tank from Top Cow Productions

From one of my current favourite writers, Matt Hawkins, and an artist that in all honesty I had not heard of before this book, Rahsan Ekedal, comes an incredibly smart, interesting and at times genuinely funny comic.  I picked this book out in the end because it’s not all that graphic really, I wouldn’t give it to a small child to read mostly because I think a lot of it would go over their head, but there isn’t anything in it I think anyone would find offensive or inappropriate in any way.

The idea behind the book is that the main character, absolute genius Dr. David Loren, is sick and tired of creating weapons for the United States government and wants out.  Some of the inventions that come out of his lab are unbelievably cool, his ploys to escape are clever and amusing and the build up of personal relationships, with the inevitable downfalls or really well timed betrayals, round out the book nicely.  It is a thoroughly entertaining book from cover to cover, not a single disappointing issue so far.

The art work takes a slightly different turn to what I was initially expecting, that being mostly down to the fact that the interiors are all dont in black and white.  I’m sure many a skeptic would look at this as a way of cutting costs, but the simple fact is I couldnt imagine this book in colour now.  The line work is all so clean and crisp, beautifully drawn and inked on every single page.  The way I look at it is since there are no colours being put on the pages, it gives Ekedal that extra bit of time each issue for his pencils and inks, making everything look phenomenal.  He has a real knack for making all the high end military tech, and all of David’s inventions, look so damn cool.

So to sum it up, you get great stories, wonderful characters, cool gadgets, believable character interactions, sharp and witty dialogue, developing relationships, betrayal, unbelievably beautiful black and white art and, I almost forgot, Hawkins’ science classes in the back of each issue where he discusses real world inspirations for all the technology and science shown in each issue, some of it already here and some not really that far away.  Honestly, it’s well worth everyone’s time and money to start reading this and it will make you smarter too.  Seriously.

So there we have it, thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you tomorrow for day 3, “Great adaptation or remake of another work”.  Take care everyone!  Oh, and if you like, follow me here.


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