Time for a little rant.

No stopping me now, after yesterday’s return I’m feeling really good about all this but I’ve spent my evening reading through various opinions online about some of the announcements to come out of SDCC, most of which was uninformed drivel.  So, even though I only posted last night, I feel I need to set the record straight for many people out there, people that will most likely never read this.  Still, I will (hopefully) feel better by the end of this so, whatever.

The main thing that seems to have cropped up on peoples bitch-list is the Superman Batman film slated for that 2015 release.  I, for one, am so immensely excited by this prospect that I can barely put it into words, but many aren’t.  I get that these films aren’t for everyone, I do, and I’m not going to sit here and criticise every person that isn’t interested, but the ones who’ve been slamming this as either Batman, Superman or just comic fans in general are putting across some unbelievably idiotic arguments.  So, let’s get the ball rolling on this, shall we?

First off, one of the really big criticisms I’ve been reading is that this is being very much hyped up as a Superman vs Batman film, less of a team up and more of a toe to toe and a lot of people are taking issue with this.  Now, it’s fairly obvious, in my mind, that this is not going to be a film where either one of the two will be portrayed as the antagonist of the film.  Bats and Supes have always had a difference of opinion in how to deal with criminals and super villains, they’ve come to blows on multiple occasions in the comics over the years but have none the less become best of friends.  Not so much in the New 52 yet, but traditionally they are about as close to best friends as two men like this can be.  This will quite obviously translate into the film, yes they will clash, yes they will get past their differences and yes they will team up at some point to bring the pain to a common enemy.  The fact is, their skill sets compliment each others perfectly, and to top it off WB have talked about an upcoming Justice League film so they will have to reconcile differences at some point.  The one comment that stood out for this example was “Batman and Superman shouldn’t just be thrown into a fight against each other, they are heroes and should be working together.  Just look at the Avengers”.  Are you (excuse me for this, but it’s getting late and I’m annoyed) fucking serious?!?  I counted at least five hero vs hero scraps in that film, no one bitched and moaned about that, but when it’s Bats and Supes it can’t happen.  Have you people read or seen the Dark Knight Returns?  If not, shut the hell up and go educate yourself on the history of these characters before making dumbass remarks like this, and try to actually remember what happens in the films you’re comparing it to.

One particular commenter made me laugh pretty hard when they said “shoehorning Batman into the next Superman film smacks of desperation.  Marvel did it best by having standalone films for each hero then teaming them up for the ensemble movie.”  I know what these kinds of people are like, if DC/WB had gone this route those exact same people would have accused them of copying Marvel.  I like that DC are taking a slightly different approach, on top of that I don’t want to wait for them to make six or seven films before getting onto a Justice League film.  Honestly, what’s the issue with having Batman appear in a films with Superman?  It seems like the perfect way to bring in a character that’s only recently had a rebooted film franchise.  I think it would be a little too soon to bring out a new Batman film without people expecting another Dark Knight film, and we really, really don’t want another one of those.

Funnily enough, this leads me into my next section of tonight’s rant: most of the people that I’ve read comments from blasting this idea away (before seeing anything more than the two logos together on a giant projector screen) are people talking like they’re huge Batman fans but have read little to none of his comics and only ever reference that trilogy of films to drive their point home.  Let me put this in a way that might actually get through that ridiculously thick skull of yours: THAT IS NOT BATMAN!  It’s simply a man that dresses like Batman and calls himself Batman, in that joke of a voice of his, who simply runs round beating the crap out of everything.  He is absolutely not Batman.  I felt the trilogy on the whole was quite a let down, and to use this as a basis for your arguments makes you look about as close to the opposite of knowledgeable as you can get.  The Dark Knight Rises totally sealed that opinion for me, I think the only thing they really got right in the series was the Joker and even then it still wasn’t worth all the hype it received.

The other group of haters were those that have a very strong dislike of Man of Steel.  I can understand, to a certain extent, why it was such a divisive film amongst fans, especially the older fans.  What they need to understand though is that this is a more modern take, hiding behind a pair of glasses and expecting no one to recognise you is obviously not going to work, especially when you’re being investigated by a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.  Of course the very tightly knit community he grew up in is going to know that he has these insane abilities, these people practically live out of each others pockets and I think the film really shows the community spirit and loyalty of Smallville when not one of them comes forward to oust him.  Yes, there is a lot of destruction involved during the fights, it’s Superman’s first fight, he is going to be more concerned with stopping Zod from wiping out the entire human race and, since it is his first fight, he will never have encountered another being with abilities that match his own.  I’d like to see any of you do it better.  And bringing the point back around to Marvel, how much of New York was destroyed during the final fight in The Avengers?  Remind me, how many times do we see any of those heroes stop fighting aliens to go save someone in danger from falling rubble?  It’s all so hypocritical that, right now, reading comment sections for SDCC news has become nauseating and frustrating.  The worst part, though?  When you try to point these things out to them and they throw it back in your face citing “fanboy rage”.  Hence why I’m here now, venting my frustration at these idiots.

I’d like to point out, I enjoyed the Avengers.  This isn’t blind, fanboy rage, I just don’t think the Avengers, with it’s many plot holes and trope reliance, is the be all and end all of comic book films.  It’s not the standard I judge superhero films by, I don’t compare each and every one to that film.  I thought Iron Man was better, if I’m being completely honest, but it was still good all the same.

You know, I do feel quite a bit better for that.  I think now I just need to round things of with a nice, healthy cigarette and all will be well with the world again.  And before you get any ideas, no, I’m not aiming to go daily with my updates, I just really needed to say all of that right now and everyone is in bed, so I have no one to rant to.  Now, go enjoy the rest of your day/night and I’ll be back Wednesday or Thursday.  Good night all, and thanks for stopping by!



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