Something a bit different today.

For a start off, an afternoon post as opposed to an evening post!  I can’t normally find the time to get this done during the day but I’ve found myself with a bit of spare time today, not only that but I’d quite like to get at least a couple of today’s releases read tonight.  I’m particularly looking forward to Superman #2 and The Darkness #114, those are the two I must find the time for tonight.

Still, I actually have a main topic for discussion today, which I’m going to try to talk about without sounding massively weird and creepy. An ominous start, I know, but today I’d like to talk about crushes on fictional characters.  I know there are several people out there that are perfectly happy to admit it happens, and not in a way that the person gets all weird and considers all real women unworthy.  Just, you know, “you would” if you get my meaning.  I work with a guy, for instance, who is really into the rebooted version of Lara Croft from this year’s Tomb Raider.  He’s a perfectly well rounded human being, great social skills and not someone I’d ever consider weird or creepy.  My comic buddy, and regular comic shopping partner in crime, quite happily admitted his attraction to Catwoman and the same goes for him.

So then, why do I think it’s so understandable?  Well, here’s the things; writing in comics and video games has evolved to the point where a lot of the stories I’m reading are inhabited by incredibly believable characters.  Ones that are frequently very easy to relate to and that find themselves in situations you can relate to.  And let’s be honest here, the massive improvements in graphical quality in games and, likewise, similar improvements to artwork in comics makes the visual representations of these characters so realistic that they just seem so damn real.

I can quite happily say there are a couple of characters that I have a bit of a crush on, Sara Pezzini springing to mind, the way she thinks and deals with situations is admirable in itself but, as a person, I think she’s not just easy to relate to but she’s also, for lack of a better word, just really cool.  It also helps that she’s a brunette!  My point here, is it happens, it’s perfectly understandable and I see nothing wrong with it.

I’d like to point out that this didn’t come to mind from a conversation someone who disagreed with me on this, it came to mind after the Catwoman conversation with my mate.  I thought it might make a decent point of discussion, and to be honest I had very little else to talk about today.  Still, it’s time for me to go grab some lunch so thanks for stopping by and reading, it is appreciated as always.



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