Now we’re getting somewhere!

This weather is just awesome.  I have to say it’s a little bit much when I’m at work, this kind of heat on top of the very physical job that I do can be incredibly draining which, funnily enough, is actually why this post is running so late.  I have easily had the time to do this over the last couple of days, but once out of work all I’ve wanted to do is come home and crash.  On the plus side to this I’ve managed to get through a decent amount of my reading backlog, something I really hate hanging over me.  What I really need to do is just hold back on buying more books until I’m caught up, something easier said than done, I’m afraid when various online and physical shops have sales.

I have to say that catching up on this back log has been made easier by the lack of new TV at the moment, and at the same time, has made the annual TV drought easier too.  There are a few TV shows that I’d actually quite like to give a go that have slipped through the net, but it’s always much more of a commitment getting into a new TV show than it is sitting down and reading a graphic novel, at least in terms of time anyway.

On top of this, there’s at least one other film I’d like to get out to see before it’s run ends, that being the World’s End.  I’ve loved the other two films that make up this kind-of-sort-of trilogy (Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) so it’d be a bit daft to miss this.  Now You See Me is another one that has my interest, but I’d like to have seen a few reviews first.  World War Z is now filed under “Couldn’t Care Less” after pretty scathing reviews and confirmation of it’s quality by a friend of mine, and Pacific Rim is going to be digital rental when it comes out, maybe.

I’m generally not that big a film watcher, I like to go and see the superhero movies when they come out so long as it’s not for a hero I really dislike (never going to watch another Fantastic Four film ever, ever again) but I’m not the kind of person that can just sit and watch anything, I need to be fairly certain that I’m going to like it if I’m going to watch it.  There are one or two others that have caught my attention this year but so far the only two I’ve actually bothered to see are Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel.

On the game front, things have really quietened up now.  Yes, we’ve had E3 and lots of awesome announcements but in terms of good new releases, there has been nothing in months of any interest to me.  It’s, in theory, giving me a chance to go through older games and grab remaining achievements and get some multiplayer in for the games that I’ve not bothered with so far.  I think the next one I’m looking forward to now is Batman Arkham Origins, almost just because I’ve pre-ordered it and therefore will be playing as Deathstroke in some capacity, Deathstroke being one of my all time favourite comic book characters.  I’m guessing that the ability to play as Deathstroke will be limited to the inevitable challenge mode, but that’s ok, I’ll be quite happy playing as him for any part of it.

I couldn’t possibly post a blog update tonight without talking about one thing in particular that happened today, something we have not seen in seventy seven years.  Today Andy Murray won the men’s Wimbeldon final, and while I’m not normally a tennis fan at all, I sat and watched the final today (most of it anyway) and it was actually quite enthralling.  I’m glad I saw it, the crowd in the stadium certainly raised the intensity but from what I could tell, Murray was pretty cool and calm throughout and never really looked in danger of losing this match.  On the whole it was good entertainment and congratulations go out to Andy Murray.

So now, I think I’m going to make myself a nice cup of tea (mad in this heat, I know), have a smoke and get through a bit more of hard mode on Arkham Asylum.  It’s the final achievement I need so it’s at the top of my “to play” list right now.  It’ll be that or read Wonder Woman: The Circle, I’m not 100% certain yet.  Either way, I hope you’ve enjoyed this beautiful weekend and thanks for sparing some time to come by and read my post.  Take care.



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