Some people are just idiots

Plain and simple.  I’m not trying to deliberately offend anyone here or attack peoples intelligence, and I’m not going to name drop anyone either, but seriously there are so many stupid people around.  It’s not something that I’d really considered much but, recently anyway, I’m seeing it more and more.  There are two main factors in exposing me to these people; driving and the internet. 

Driving, especially when it’s in and around cities, exposes you more to complete recklessness and disregard than actual stupidity.  Sure, you will come across many drivers who quite clearly should not be in possession of a full license, the kind that clearly doesn’t fully have a grasp on what they’re doing.  It’s the people that cut you up, unexpectedly braking to turn off without signalling, tailgaters and those that can’t or don’t choose the right lane for roundabouts that really do my head in.  I seem to come across these people so often lately, it’s gotten to the point where I can’t drive the 5 miles to work without chain smoking all the way to keep my rage in check.

What it’s meant for me now is that I try to avoid driving on my days off as much as possible so I’m not getting all worked up on my day off.  How hard is it to not drive like a complete ass?  This has only really come up today because of one particularly frustrating driver I got stuck behind on my way home from work, the point in the day where all you want to do is crash at home and chill out for a bit.

Now, the internet, that’s a whole other bag of crazy.  And what a big bag it is too.  I have found myself a part of quite a few different online communities at one point or another and I read a lot of other blogs online too so I see a hell of a lot of comments all over the place.  There are a few websites that I only visit so I can see some of the people reactions to it, knowing that the particular community of these websites are ruled by complete cretins.

Sometimes, however, some people come across as so clueless it makes me question the very value of the human race.  There was a blog I read the other day from a long time writer in the comic industry and one of the comments on there read something like “if you’ve got twenty years of experience in the comics industry and don’t have a few million to your name you’re doing something wrong”.  Seriously, I would advise anyone that if you are not completely sure about what’s being discussed, say nothing.  Remain completely quiet on the subject unless you have questions to further your knowledge on the subject, don’t come out with some damning remark that achieves nothing but you looking like an utter dumbass.

Just to clarify for anyone out there, self published comic creators tend to earn around the £8,000 a year mark, so you can imagine that even with big publishers the money is never going to be astronomical.  Yes, there are going to be a few exceptions to this where creators have made an absolute killing, but it’s a relatively small number when you consider just how many people are out there creating comics for a living.  At the end of the day, creators do not go into this business with the thoughts of making mega bucks (yes, there are exceptions to this statement too), it’s about putting your thoughts and talents out there for people to enjoy.  The job is the reward, so to tell someone that because they’re not rich and famous they have failed (essentially what was said) is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen or heard.

Simply put, to have twenty years of experience in the comics industry is alone proof that you are doing something right.  If your books are bad, or if just your contributions are bad, they don’t sell.  When sales dip on all books you are involved in publishers will stop giving you work, then the money dries up and no work can be gained anywhere so either changes are made or it’s time to move on.

You’ll have to forgive me tonight, I’ve had a long and very tiring day which, in a few instances, has also been very frustrating so I felt the need to get a bit of a rant on.  Just to top things off I burned half of my dinner tonight and it was such a thorough burning that the food couldn’t be saved and I couldn’t be bothered to make more.  That’s brewed up a little more bitterness for this evening, just one of those days I guess.

Thanks very much for your time, hopefully I’ll be in a better mood for the next post or will at least have a more positive post for you anyway.  Good night and thanks again for reading.



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