The big two, reunited.

Superman and Batman, in case you were wondering.  I read the first issue of Batman Superman today, a series I’m surprised has taken nearly two years to hit the New 52, and it is a great read.  Absolutely awesome.  I should point out to anyone that might be tempted by it that it’s a bit weird, not at all what I was expecting.  I think that might have had an impact on how much I enjoyed it, in the sense that I probably enjoyed it more due to the fact that it was a bit different and strange.  Since it’s only hit the shelves yesterday I will refrain from any real discussion of the story, all I’ll say is that it involves the first meeting of Supes and Bats while they were still young and quite new at this.  If you’re a fan of either character I’d recommend you give this a look, as I said it’s a really enjoyable read and, again while different to what I expected, the art is exceptionally good, suits the overall tone of the comic perfectly.

I had to phone O2 customer services the other day, my phone contract had ended some time ago and I had let it run as a rolling contract until deciding on a new phone/contract.  Once I’d set up my new EE contract I got in contact with O2 to give them my 31 days notice of cancellation and I couldn’t believe how long it took to get through to a representative.  Seriously, is everyone jumping ship at the moment?  Twenty minutes it took, twenty minutes for what ended up being a two minute conversation!  The only redeeming part of this was finding out I only had to give seven days notice, and just to top this fiasco off, I had phoned them on my O2 sim in my old phone for ease and, just as the girl transferred me to the department that would value my handset, it turned off.

By this point, needless to say, rage was pretty much falling out my ears.  I calmed myself with the great combination of a cup of tea, a cigarette and Devin Townsend’s album “Ghost” and got on with the rest of my day, but those twenty five minutes or so were a real tax on my patience.  On the plus side, even considering the fact that it barely functioned anymore, CEX gave me £77 for my old phone.  Surprised and rather pleased by this, I headed round to Nostalgia Comics to pick up this weeks comics and have a really good rifle through back issues, so it ended on a good note at least.

This weeks comics were well and truly dominated by the many faces of the Justice Leagues with all three having new issues out this week.  Having all three handed to me at once has got me really psyched up for the upcoming “Trinity War” crossover, I haven’t gotten round to reading any of them yet but I’m fairly certain we’ll start seeing the building blocks for it soon.  The only other comic out this week from my pull list was Think Tank #8, another one I have not found the time to read yet, but I suspect will be all kinds of awesome.  Think Tank, from Top Cow Productions (Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal, specifically), has been one of my favourites since I picked up the first trade paperback, cracking story with sublime black and white art make for a compelling read from cover to cover.  I’m thinking my next post will probably be very Think Tank focused, I will most likely have a fair bit to say on it when I finally get around to reading it.

Since it’s now 23:00 I’m thinking I should probably get my dinner sorted, while I’m having lots of fun sitting here rambling on, I’m now also quite hungry.  Much more so now I’m actively thinking and typing about dinner.  Yep, that’s me done, thanks very much for reading, goodnight one and all!



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