Turtles all the way down.

No, before you start wondering, this is not me turning this blog into a scientific discussion.  I’ll be honest, I actually looked up the real meaning of this phrase a while ago and I understood very little of it.  In actual fact, I started thinking about turtles while my laptop was booting up, by the time I had WordPress loaded all I had in my head was that phrase and mental pictures of little turtles pottering around.  Since that was all I had to go on, I thought I’d start there and see where things went.


I need to focus, I think my lack of focus is partly down to how tired I am from work today, but I need to try.  Let’s see, we have new comics day today which, as you can guess from that last sentence, I was unable to be out for today.  Bit of a shame but with tomorrow off it doesn’t matter too much, I can quite happily go out and pick them up then.  Looking forward to the next issue of Injustice from DC, I’m quite aware that it’s a digital first comic and I could quite easily get myself up to date on Comixology, I just prefer buying physical comics and don’t see the point in picking it up if I’ve read it already.  I still have loads of catching up to do in the reading department, can’t find the time so well with the amount of hours I’ve been working recently.  I’m getting there though, slowly but surely, all I have to do is slow down the rate at which I buy them.  Something easier said than done when every comic shop out there has bargain sections and there’s always something I want in there somewhere.

I noticed a bit of news today that Microsoft won’t be including their Xbox One headset in the box with the console.  This is good news for me, I hate the idea of my money going towards something I don’t want and the headset in the 360 box was beyond rubbish.  The wireless headset wasn’t much better than that and I’d given up on first party headsets before the bluetooth one came out.  I will pick up a Turtle Beach or Razer headset for the One, most likely whichever one of them brings one out first.  I like gaming headsets that I can have the game audio playing through too, being able to play Halo at 2am with surround sound (I play SWAT most of the time) but not waking anyone up is important for me, the first party headsets have only ever handled chat audio, so no good.  It means that none of the £429 is going towards something I have no use for.  It’s been nothing but good news on the Xbox One front recently, I like it.

While I’m thinking about gaming, I’m once again remembering the final piece of DLC for Borderlands 2 came out yesterday.  I should really get this downloaded, I bought the season pass not long after release (I know, believe me, I know) so since it’s already paid for I’m somewhat obliged to play through it.  And that, right there, is the problem here; it’s become an obligation to take the disc out of it’s case and play it because I paid in advance for something.  I’m not especially excited, if I had have been, I would be on here now banging on about how much I love it having downloaded it yesterday.  The thing is, I’m not totally sure what my problem is with it, but looking back on BL2 I have to say I didn’t enjoy it anywhere near as much as I did the first. 

Story wise I think Gearbox did a pretty good job, at least in terms of the original retail release.  The DLC hasn’t been as strong on the story front, it feels like it’s stalling a bit because of the ending.  We now know (SPOILERS) that there are loads of worlds out there with alien vaults on, and I don’t know about any of you, but I want to get off Pandora now and get onto something else.

My last gripe is that there’s not really all that much that’s new, not really.  I know that it’s difficult to diversify too much with a shoot and loot game, but there wasn’t any particularly evident effort to.  The DLC is a really good opportunity to test out something new and different, especially if it’s something that may not catch on with everyone.  I’ve not been overly impressed with the DLC for this title so far, again in complete contrast to the original where the DLC was golden (Mad Moxxi’s Underdome excluded, that was an awful, boring grind).  Maybe that will change with this download, we shall see but I’m not holding up too much hope to be honest.

Well having a quick scan, I think I’ve done pretty well considering my complete lack of inspiration going into this.  I had absolutely no idea what to talk about to begin with but I got there in the end.  That’s all that counts.  The train of thought is well on it’s way out now though so I think it’s time to quit while I’m ahead.  Thanks very much for stopping by!



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