The big two-zero

That’s right, blog update number twenty is here!  I’m actually really impressed with myself for keeping up with this, I have got myself into a nice habit of getting one out every two days for the most part, never going over three days.  Still, I think that’s enough patting myself on the back, that’s not really what I’m here for after all.

I finally cracked and well and truly jumped into the dark corner of DC’s New 52 reserved for the Bat family, so much so that over the space of a few days I’ve managed to get through the first volumes of Batman, Batgirl and Batwoman.  I can’t state how much I’m enjoying all three series, three characters that employ very similar combat skills, tactics and gadgets but are remarkably different people both with and without the masks.  Batman was probably my favourite of the three so far, The Court of Owls has an incredibly interesting premise, which I shall not divulge here, with the titular group proving to be constantly surprise.

Plot twists galore, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish.  Batman is the Bat we all know and love, at his absolute best here thanks to the sharp writing of Scott Snyder.  It’s a side of the DC universe that I’ve deliberately left alone for the time being, and this is why.  I had heard nothing but great things said about all three of the main Bat titles, so I had a feeling I would be hooked straight in upon reading which, funnily enough, is exactly what has happened.  I’ll be keeping an eye on back issues on eBay for all three of them, grabbing bargains wherever I can and all three will be making their way onto my pull list.  Realistically, I don’t think it will take me too long to get up to date, even while I’m catching up with the main Superman series too.

DC have well and truly got me at the moment, there are around fifteen, maybe twenty, regular monthly series that I’m either catching up with or already subscribed to.  I know there are many people out there still not really behind the New 52, to a certain extent I can see why but I think I’m at an advantage for having lapsed from the comic world for so long.  I came back around to it after the New 52 had kicked off (around a year or so after I think) so I just jumped right on there, picking out things I might like based on what I used to read way back, and things I might like based on what I had started reading from elsewhere.

Don’t get me wrong here, there are plenty of DC books I’ve gone back and read since that had come out before the New 52 started, pretty much all of which I’ve enjoyed immensely, but I think because of seeing all of those Hollywood superhero films and all of the comic related games that have come out, it made jumping on at the start of the New 52 a logical step, with characters brought more up to date.  With all of the modern technology, the worlds are more believable (to me) and the characters are more relatable with their modern worries and troubles.

I finished Fable III the other night, to be truthful by the time I got to the end I’d pretty much had enough, the combat is not varied enough, enemies are really not varied enough at all and the dialogue is so cheesy it makes me want to rip my own ears off.  It was also far, far too easy.  If you die in combat all that happens is you fall over, the screen goes black and white and you lose progress to your next level.  Then you get back up and continue beating on the enemies around you like nothing happened.  I also managed to finish it with no civilian casualties, all promises kept and millions left in both the treasury and my own personal account.

The funny thing is, if I had paid for this I can guarantee that I would not have finished the story and would have traded it in almost immediately to try and get as much of my money back as I could.  Since it was free, however, not only did I finish it but all of the irritating little glitches and bugs didn’t bother me all that much because, you know, it was free.  I’ve deleted it off my hard drive now and have no intention of ever playing it again, but I appreciate the gesture from Microsoft and I just can’t say no to a full free game.

Except for the next two.  MS have said that Halo 3 and Assassins Creed II are the next titles to go free which is of very little help to me,  my Halo 3 disc is still nestled in my collection and Ass Creed went a long time ago once I’d finished the story.  Still, it’ll be interesting to see what comes next after those two.

Righty then, I am absolutely starving after an incredibly busy day at work and only a light lunch, so I am going to shoot off.  Thanks very much for persevering for Sunday!



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