I like new stuff.

I think most people do to be fair, regardless of what your interest is, getting new things is always nice.  The time had rolled around some time ago for me to pick out a new phone and contract, I had let my current contract run as a month by month rolling contract until I could decide on which handset I wanted.  Up to this point I had been running a Windows Phone 7 handset for about a year and a half and at the start of me considering a new phone, this being almost six months, I was fairly certain I’d upgrade to Windows Phone 8, the problem was picking a phone.  Fast forward to about five weeks ago and I found out that I could get an EE contract at 40% off each month due to where I work, add to that I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 so had become quite a fan of Android, and the idea of switching OS became more tempting.

I ended up walking out with a Sony Xperia Z, in white, and while in there found out I got £85 cash back there and then, no messing around filling out forms and waiting for a cheque, just £85 in cash dropped in my hand.  Thank you very much!  The phone itself is sublime so far, for it’s size it’s incredibly light and sleek, never feeling awkward or cumbersome while in use.  Thanks largely to the light-weightedness (apparently not a word, should be though) it’s comfortable to actually use as a phone, making calls and holding it up to your ear, even over extended periods of time.

The multimedia side of things is where Sony have really brought their A game with this phone.  The screen measures in at five inches, which makes you think it’ll be quite large, but it has a very slight border around it.  The screens boasts a resolution of 1080p and is powered by Sony’s Bravia technology, the Mobile Bravia Engine.  It’s the kind of thing that, realistically, to properly appreciate the quality you need to see it.  Suffice to say I dropped a 32gb card into it with a 1080p film on and was thoroughly impressed.  Smooth motion on fast moving images, incredible detail and vibrant colurs.  Granted, I had to download the beta app from VLC to be able to play the file format, but once it was running it was spectacular.  The Walkman is very nice too, the menus are fluid and simple rather than graphic heavy and sometimes a little cluttered (looking at you here Samsung).  I also really like that when you view your “now playing” screen, the phone picks out a prominent colour from the album art and tints the background with that colour.  Nice little feature, doesn’t really impact anything but I appreciate things like that.

The only down point I will give it in the multimedia department is the speaker isn’t really that great.  It’s not bad by any means, but I think my opinion was tainted slightly by hearing music played from the HTC One straight through it’s speaker, with Beats Audio, and it sounded better than any phone I’d ever heard.  It’s made up for, however, by the high end headphones you will find waiting for you just underneath the phone which, even for me, are perfect.  They hit just the right levels of bass and treble, with the right equaliser settings on the phone, listening to music is a joy again.

There were quite a few new comics this week too, three from my pull list and then a full on raid of the back issues I was after.  It took me, on and off, about five hours to bag, board and catalogue them all.  It’s times like that when I wonder if it was really a good idea to go as far as I have, but now that I have an android phone and, therefore, offline access to my full collection and a wishlist through the Android collector app, shopping for them was dead easy.

Before I get really carried away talking about all that, I have work tomorrow morning and time is slipping away much faster than I had anticipated.  This means cutting things a little shorter today, it feels a little abrupt I know, but it’s just hit me how tired I am right now.  So, thanks for stopping by, hopefully I’ll have something a bit more substantial for you next time.



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