Never enough hours in the day

It’s a little phrase that seems to have been swimming around in my head lately, whether I’m at work and using it in terms of the working day, or at home and just thinking of the day in general.  It’s really quite incredible how quickly little tasks can suddenly mount up to a day where you barely have the chance to breathe.  Taking tomorrow for example, even though it is a day off work for me, it’s a day that will be starting at 8am and probably closing up around 6 or 7pm.  I’m still working out when I’ll be able to stop for a moment to fit a meal in amongst everything else, I don’t function very well at all when I start getting hungry you see.  So I have a slightly overwhelmed feeling going on this evening.

I certainly didn’t this afternoon, however.  I didn’t start work until 11am today so it meant me taking my lunch break at about 2:30pm, around about the time where the sun is out at it’s brightest and the temperature at it’s hottest.  I’d been outside not long before going on my lunch so I knew exactly what it was like out there, so, I grab my lunch and my car keys and drive 5 minutes to the local park, sit on a grassy bank underneath a tree and blissfully pass my hour by eating my lunch and reading the first issues of Wanted and Berserker.  Best lunch break I’ve had in a very long time and, it’s worth noting, two very good comics too.

I did a quick flip through twitter before I sat and ate my dinner tonight and I noticed one particular topic popping up all over the place, that being the topic of Microsoft changing it’s policies of used games/lending games/24 hour online check in on Xbox One, essentially completely reverting them to how things are for the Xbox 360.  Now, I’ve said it before and will say it once more now, I didn’t come away from all of those original announcements as rage filled as much of the internet had.  Confused?  Yes, admittedly, a little confused but angry?  No, I had not declared my hatred of Microsoft or decided to boycott the new Xbox on this, I would be basing my console purchasing decision on games, and games alone.  Dead Rising 3 sealed it for me, I’m sorry but they have perfectly captured my imagination with that game.  Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying I’ll never buy a PS4, what I’m saying here is that I’ll be buying the Xbox One first.

This finally convinced me to go and pre-order one (which I did just before starting on this entry tonight) and no, it is not because they have reversed their stance in such a way that I am now happy, it’s because they listened to their fans.  I don’t feel like I can emphasize that enough, there have been plenty of situations where companies have announced something massively unpopular and, even though people were vocal in their opposition, the ploughed through with them anyway.  Microsoft have seen the protests to their decisions and have altered their plans to suit the people they should be listening to.  The people that have supported the 360 and it’s incredibly long lifespan, people that have bought multiple consoles in that time.  I think it’s really big of them, and while the previous rules wouldn’t have affected me that much, I have more faith in a company that actually sits up and listens to what people have to say.

The latest issue of Witchblade came out today and I cannot wait to read it, need to go and pick it up first though!  Sadly, due to working on such a glorious day (weather wise) it also meant that this weeks releases must be picked up tomorrow.  This months Witchblade is kind of a bitter sweet thing, it’s the first part of Tim Seeley’s final story arc on Witchblade and, while already being a big Witchblade fan, I am a big fan of Tim Seeley, both on the writing front and the art front.  It’ll be a sad day when his final Witchblade arrives, I think he has had a really strong, interesting and thoroughly entertaining run filled with all sorts of mystical, supernatural and multi-dimensional nuttiness and I’ve had a blast reading it.  The silver lining to Seeley’s departure is the return of Ron Marz, something I am very interested in.  Being the general architect to the Top Cow Rebirth universe I’m really looking forward to seeing what Marz brings to Top Cow’s flagship title this time around.  What will also be interesting to see is who they bring in for art duties for Marz’ run, everyone has been very coy on that front so far which makes me think it’s going to be someone insanely awesome.  I’d absolutely love it to be Marc Silvestri, but with Silvestri taking the reigns on the writing duties for Cyber Force after issue 5 (if I remember rightly) I can’t see him realistically having the time.  Plus, I don’t think talent should be spread around too much, too many things on the go at once could prove either detrimental to the quality of the finished product or make it incredibly late, neither of which are really desirable outcomes.

Looking forward to having a good rummage through the bargain comics sections tomorrow too.  Thankfully, for my comic shopping tomorrow I will be better equipped to ensure no duplicate purchasing happens.  I’m off to go get a new phone tomorrow and I’m making the switch over from Windows Phone to Android with the Sony Xperia Z.  This means I will be able to download the comic collector app on my phone, sync my collection and newly built wishlist across and go hunting.  So, all in all, I think tomorrow is looking like it should be a good day, all I need now is more weather like today’s and it’ll be perfect.

Before I go, I have a couple of potential plans that will be coming along fairly soon.  I will most likely be starting up a YouTube channel soon, putting up a variety of gaming related videos.  Most, if not all to begin with, will be game footage and some wlll be with commentary but, again, to begin with most probably won’t.  It’s more of an experiment than anything at the moment but it hinges on me picking up a capture card so it could be a couple of months before I get into the swing of it.  What will most likely come before that will be a podcast, the exact details of which haven’t really been ironed out yet.  That’s something I’ll be collaborating on with a friend so it requires a little more co-ordination and will also require a lot more planning.  Once things have been discussed and figured out details will start to appear here, twitter and facebook.  It’s definitely something I’m interested in doing though, boring people with simple text is not enough for me you see, I need more outlets dammit!  A few people have suggested I have a go at video blogging but, frankly, I’m quite happy staying out of the focus of a camera, thanks.

I must say, before I go, tonight’s post was only going to be a token update as I was feeling a little tired when I started, but this has wound up being quite a long post.  Anyway, I really fancy a cup of tea before settling in to play something for a couple of hours so thank you for reading, your patience is most appreciated.  ‘Night!



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