Generally speaking, this has always been my least favourite day of the week.  It’s a simple fact that for 7 years of working various jobs, I have always managed to keep Sunday as a regular day off.  Of course there would be the odd exception here and there, times when my help was needed on something, whatever it was I wouldn’t mind that odd one, knowing that every other would be a nice relaxing day.  Well now, things have changed, my new place of work has us working Sundays quite frequently and what that has resulted in is a complete lack of Monday blues.  Since it is no longer the start of the working week for me I’m not feeling so miserable on a Monday, but here’s the great thing, it doesn’t seem to have transferred on to a different day.  I’m not really sure if it’s all entirely down to that, since moving job I find myself much more motivated both in work and out (I would never have been bothered to commit to this regular blog if still working at my last place of work).  Not only that, I’m generally happier inside and outside of work, something that even I have noticed and I’m fairly certain those around me have noticed.  I feel great in myself right now, tired from a busy day sure, but I haven’t felt this good in a long time and I’m willing to give a lot of the credit for this to the store I am currently working in.

Still thinking about Man of Steel a lot since Friday, I’ve read a hell of a lot of commentary online both supporting and berating the film.  It’s incredible, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a comic book adaptation on the big screen divide the comic community as much as MoS.  I can safely say, having read and absorbed many different opinions, I am still firmly on the side of those that have loved it.  A good sign of this is I can fully appreciate the criticism leveled at it, but when I look back on my viewing all that comes to mind is everything I loved about it, which was probably 90% of it.  Going to see it again tomorrow, I think I’m going to use this second viewing to look for any missed easter eggs, further contemplate my theories and also consider the various things it was slammed by many for.  There will most likely be at least a third viewing before it’s run ends provided I can find the time for it, I think I’ll be going into that viewing to just sit and enjoy.  No picking at things, no judgement or anything like that, literally just sit in front of a massive screen and enjoy the spectacle.

Onto comics, I always have to give credit to writers that manage to make a character compelling to me when I previously disliked or just didn’t care for.  Gail Simone is the writer in question here.  I had already read her Gen-13 books and am up to date with Gail’s The Movement, currently a part of DC’s New 52 (and freaking awesome by the way!) so I already knew she was a quality writer.  This, and lots of applause online from fans and critics alike, led me to pick up Batgirl volume 1, another New 52 title.  I’m a little more inclined to give characters a go with the New 52 books, everything I’ve read so far (except one) has been very good and I must have at least tried a good twenty or so series, and Batgirl was a character that I knew little of and didn’t really care about that much.  Don’t get me wrong here, I really liked Barbara Gordon as Oracle and therefore by default liked “Babs” on her own merits too, but for some reason when she donned the cowl and cloak, I just wasn’t that bothered.

Things have certainly changed now, oh yes.  Gail Simone’s writing style is absolutely perfect for not only Babs, but for Batgirl too.  The internal monologue, particularly during fights, is extremely amusing and, more importantly, insightful into her mindset and worries.  For a girl who has not long regained to ability to walk again Barbara certainly throws herself in at the deep end, not holding back with her acrobatics and handling herself pretty well.  She’s quite clearly not 100% there yet though, in terms of physical or mental conditioning.  Prone to freezing when facing down the barrel of a gun (she was put in there wheelchair by a bullet to the spine so, it’s quite reasonable), not necessarily making the best choices and getting her ass handed to her more than once, she is by no means infallible and it shows, but it’s not forced.  Her mind, however, is razor sharp and lightning quick and her detective skills are really impressive for one her age.  This is certainly helpful when you’re a part of the Bat family, there is a certain level of expectation around it.  It’s not all about running around kicking the crap out of thugs and blowing things up with gadgets, you have to be smart to be a Bat too.  That box is checked, well and truly, and to go along with Barbara’s smarts, the dialogue and story are smart and, where necessary, witty.  I was so impressed with it that when I head to Nostalgia on Thursday, I will be doing some back issue hunting.  Possibly even add it to my pull list, we’ll see.

I think I’m about done for the day now, it’s been a long and busy one and even writing this is becoming quite taxing, so before this takes a quality nose dive I will say goodnight, and thanks for reading.



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