Thanks Microsoft!

I was browsing through the news feed on my favourite gaming website, TrueAchievments, the other day and noticed that Fable III had been made free on the Xbox Live marketplace.  I went and downloaded it even though I’m not a huge fan of the Fable series because, well, it’s free.  I have a hard time turning down a free permanent download of a full retail game and to be fair, it’s not terrible.  It’s very cheesy, the cutscenes can be a little painful sometimes, but on the whole it’s well worth paying nothing for.  I wouldn’t have ever bought it, to say I was disappointed by Fable II would be a bit of an understatement.  Since discussing this on Facebook I have discovered that Microsoft are giving away two free games a month to Gold subscribers which I think is great, it’s about time there was more of a benefit to paying my subscription than just being able to play online, especially since my shift of focus on to more single player games over the last year or so.

Aphrodite IX #2 is out today from the always awesome Top Cow Productions but sadly I cannot get out for my comics today, that will have to wait until tomorrow.  I honestly can’t remember what else I have off my pull list this week, so hopefully there will be a nice couple of surprises in there.  I have a couple in mind that I’m hoping will be out tomorrow, it seems about time for a new issue of World’s Finest, but we shall see.

Now, tomorrow is my final part of the comic collector guide and I’ll be looking at how you can take your hobby to the next level, real collectors stuff.  It’s hopefully going to be helpful and informative, I’ve done a bunch of notes for it so nothing should be left out.  That should be up tomorrow afternoon some time but as usual I shall post a link to the usual places.

Sadly, I’m going to have to cut today’s update a little short here, last minute change in work times means I need to get something to eat and get ready now.  I’m in until midnight too so if I hadn’t done a slightly truncated post now, I probably wouldn’t have got one done today at all.  I shall no doubt make up for it on Friday when I do my update after seeing Man of Steel, I imagine I’ll have lots to say after seeing that!

Anyway, thanks for popping by!



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