One week to go.

By this time next week, I will have seen Man of Steel and frankly, I’m not sure I can wait that long.  I’m more excited for this film than I have been for any other film that’s been out in, I’d say, the last five or six years.  It’s easily the big film of the year for me, yes I went to see Iron Man 3 (and enjoyed it) but it’s Superman dammit!  I keep seeing TV spots and trailers all over the place for it now, the hype is really building now that release is imminent and it’s working.  Even my good friend, who is seriously devoted to Marvel and up until very recently a bit of a Supes hater, is looking forward to it.  It really is looking like we’re going to be treated to a proper, well made Supes film.  It’s only taken thirty three years!

Speaking of Superman, I finally read J Michael Straczynski’s “Superman: Earth One” and I have to say it’s a damn good book.  It’s a really nice retelling of the formative years of Superman; Clark Kent has left the Kent homestead and headed over to Metropolis to try and find his place in the world.  This iteration of Kal-El is not really sure he wants to be the hero he can be, he seems more keen on the idea of getting himself a well paid job in an industry that provides to the community.  This way, he can hold on to the idea that he is still doing something for the greater good while also allowing him the funds to support Martha financially.  That is, until a very large amount of excrement hits the fan.  Can he really turn away from so many cries for help and settle in to a day job that takes advantage of his incredible talents without being a “hero”?  Or will the values he has been taught by his adoptive parents pull too strongly at him?  Well, I’m certainly not going to tell you, but what I can tell you is that the writing is fantastic, the art is subtle when needed and truly epic when things ramp up.  Colouring is absolutely perfect for the tone of the book and the line work is incredibly sharp, I wholeheartedly recommend you go and check this book out, whether a reader of Superman or not you will be able to appreciate the quality.  It may even help allay any issues, preconceived or not, you have with the Man of Steel.  Clark Kent is a very real, believable character, especially in a day and age where people struggle to find their place in this world or can’t decide what it is they want to do with themselves.

Volume 1 is out now in hardback and paperback, Volume 2 is currently only available in hardback and, as far as I can see, won’t be in paperback for the foreseeable future (DC can be a bit weird like that) which is good to know should you want them both in the same format.  Volume 3 is not out yet but on the way so there is a bit more to come yet.

Now with the way this week has gone, I’d be remiss not to mention how incredible the weather has been for almost the entire week around here.  I have been seriously lucky in that I had this week booked off work (since I started working about seven years ago I have never worked a single birthday week) with very little planned but have ended up having a really nice, surprisingly relaxing week working on my mothers garden with her.  There’s only been the one day, that I can remember, this week that has been overcast, the rest has been glorious sunshine and light breezes.  In fact, now I think about it, I don’t remember a birthday I’ve had recently where the weather was that fine on the day itself.

On the gaming front, it’s now only four days to the opening day of E3 which, let’s be honest, has been seriously lacking something the past couple of years.  We’ve had a few big game announcements but once the last two had finished up and I skimmed through the news to make sure I’d not missed anything, it hit me just how little had been shown off.  Well, how little had been shown off that I had an interest in is what I really mean.  Thing is, this sentiment seemed to be shared by a large amount of the couple of gaming communities I post in but this year, well, this year is going to be whole other kettle of fish.  We have two major home consoles coming out later this year and every developer worth their salt is going to be showing off all their shiny new wares, I imagine there will be many of them getting the word out for games coming out on the day of release alongside the consoles themselves.  So all in all, this should be a really good year for E3 and I’ll be watching as many press conferences as I can over the three days.  There’s also a few games that I’ll be specifically looking out for news on (I’m looking primarily at you, Witcher 3) so it’s an all round exciting week ahead.

I think I’ve gone on quite long enough for this evening, you’re not going to get any of that time back after all.  Many thanks if you’re still sticking through this which has essentially become as much of a writing exercise as much as anything else.  Good night all.


This evenings post was written to the tune of Barenaked Ladies new album, Grinning Streak.


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