Really?  That’s the next DLC character for Injustice?  Well, then, that’s definitely me out for the season pass.  I’m not going to spend my hard earned money on unoriginality, especially when NetherRealm have access to one of the broadest libraries of characters in the world.  Seriously guys, have a look at this small selection I’ve quickly put together:  Star Sapphire, Larfleeze, Atrocitus, Darkseid, Metallo, Zatanna, Black Canary, King Shark, Brainiac, Poison Ivy, The Huntress, Cheetah, Ra’s Al Ghul, Metamorpho.  See, that took me less than a minute, all of the characters would be excellent in a fighting game and would all have brought something new and different to the game.  But no, they’ve gone for the option where they have all the move animations from MK and I find it really disappointing.  I will give them credit where it’s due, Scorpion does look really, really cool in this game but that credit doesn’t technically go to NetherRealm anyway, it goes to Jim Lee.  He has done a better job on his appearance than NetherRealm or Midway before them.  Having his armour shaped like the body of a scorpion is a stroke of genius, I had a look at the concept designs Lee did and, funnily enough, that’s where he looks best.  Still, at least there was a tease for Martian Manhunter as the next DLC character at the end of Scorpion’s trailer.  J’onn J’onzz is a character I have wanted to see in this game since I first went to the selection screen and realized he wasn’t already there.

Still, not wanting to literally just sit here and moan for the whole of today’s post, I’ll move this in a more positive direction.  New Barenaked Ladies album came out yesterday and it is brilliant in every conceivable way.  It’s upbeat, cheery, well constructed and as always the vocals are absolutely knocked out of the park!  I can see this being a regular listen throughout summer this year, it’s been released at the perfect time, the weather has been picking up and this album is at it’s best when you’re listening to it while driving in the sun.  Go check out Grinning Streak, I can promise that it’ll be worth your time.  There was something else pretty big or important going on yesterday too but for the life of me I cannot remember.

Just nine days to go now until Man of Steel and it seems like time has slowed right down now that the release is so close.  As many of my friends will know, I am a huge fan of Superman (or in fact, the “Super” family on the whole, really) and everything I have seen for it so far has me extremely excited.  The pessimist in me is still a little uneasy, as always, considering the possibility that they’ve shown all the best bits off in the trailer and TV spots.  In reality, I doubt very highly this is the case and have high hopes for the film.  The main thing that I need to do is make sure that I take the film for what it is, judge it for it’s own successes and/or failures.  What I need to stop myself from doing is spending the whole film comparing Henry Cavill to Christopher Reeve, it will completely kill my enjoyment of the film.  I’m not at all convinced that anyone will ever do both Clark Kent and Superman that well again and, because of that opinion, I need to try and forget it and enjoy what’s given to us.

So, I have some work that needs doing sooner rather than later, on top of that I also have the second part of my comic collectors guide coming this evening, keep an eye out for that one.  Today’s will be all about where to buy from, pricing guides and things to look out for.  Lots of talk about online sellers today too so it should be a fairly broad selection of places to buy from.  My point being, I will have to wrap things up here for now, thanks again for reading and check back later for the next guide!

Oh, wait!  The other thing yesterday, that was my 25th birthday.  I remember now.



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