Sunday rolls around once again.

I don’t know where this time keeps going but it’s pretty difficult to believe that it’s Sunday again already.  Granted, the state I’m in this morning after last night’s session may have a direct effect on my disbelief and the fact that I’m awake on a Sunday morning isn’t helping.  I’d normally be asleep for at least another couple of hours, not really sure why I awoke so early this morning.

I was thinking about something the other day, something that I thought could be a lot of fun and would also make for a few interesting blog posts.  I’m going to be looking at all the biggest comic book shops in the UK and I’m going to visit them at some point, then provide an insight to my experiences on here.  I put this idea to one of my fellow collectors and good friends last night and the result was the quick formation of a plan to go to A Place In Space next Saturday.  Keeping in mind that this shop is in Croydon this is going to be a completely, unnecessarily epic trip just for some comics.  Thing is, this store has really impressed me without ever having set foot inside you see, they had a massive stand at London Super Comic Con in February and all seemed really cool with a great selection of stuff.  Not only that, I have used their eBay store numerous times for a whole variety of back issues so, on the the whole, I’m really looking forward to having a good look around their physical store.

Managed to catch a bit of football last night too which was nice.  Barcelona vs Malaga which, to be honest, I had thought would be a little one sided anyway but for the most part was a really entertaining match.  Neither team had anything to gain from this game since Barcelona had already won La Liga some time ago and Malaga are still banned from playing in European competitions due to unpaid bills and yet it was a fun watch, Malaga really giving it a go after half time.

Today is a reasonably significant day, for me at least.  The big one is this is the first day of my week off work and I cannot aptly describe how much I’ve needed this.  It’s not a bad reflection on my work in any way, it’s just that people can only go so long without having a more significant break than a couple of days a week, usually separate from each other.  I am going to celebrate my first day of holiday by spending the majority of the day in bed, playing Batman Arkham Asylum on my laptop and generally achieving very little outside of that.  Seems like a plan and a half to me!

Now, I’m fairly certain that when I sat down to start this today, I had something that I really wanted to discuss that would have probably made a pretty nice piece on here, however, I can’t remember now that I’ve sat and had a little ramble about various things.  No doubt I will remember at some point and since the posts will most likely be every couple of days at most this week (another great thing about not being in work, more time to write!) there will be ample time to talk about anything and everything I want.  For now, though, I am going to leave it here today.  I need to go and retrieve myself some more coffee and could really, really do with my morning cigarette before my lungs cave in on themselves which results in me snapping and killing someone (very possible).

Thanks for reading this weeks first incredibly (un)informative blog post!


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