I’ll try this again.

Started working on today’s post in the garage earlier (the garage is where I tend to go to smoke) having managed to get my old netbook up and running.  By “managed to get it running” what I actually mean is I speculatively plugged it in and flicked the on switch, then it turned on!  “Great!” I thought, “Now I can just sit out here and chain smoke while I write my new post!”  If only things were actually that simple, I typed out no more than I have up to now and everything froze.  The whole damn computer, not just the browser I use.  I should have known this would happen, there was a very good reason it had been left in the garage.  It is now officially dead and only good to open and hold phones or small tablets to watch videos.

Originally I had started my post on a positive note thanks to the absolutely beautiful weather we seem to have been blessed with in Birmingham today but after that fiasco with the netbook I needed a little rant.  Still in a really great mood though thanks to the aforementioned weather, just a shame that most of that sunshine was missed thanks to being in work since midday.  I got to appreciate it, though only briefly, a couple of times during the day while bringing in delivery and having a cigarette break.  Even that was nice.  I would have taken some in on my lunch break but since I’d bothered to take my laptop into work with me, I felt obliged to play some Arkham Asylum.  That was also lots of fun and I am trilled beyond belief at how well it runs on my laptop considering that a) I only paid £360 for the laptop from work and b) from what I can tell Arkham Asylum doesn’t have any graphics options in game so you can’t tweak it to increase performance.  For budget gaming capable laptops AMD based laptops easily take it for me since all the machines at work come with a dedicated discreet AMD graphics card which I think is much better than Intel’s HD graphics processing.

Sadly haven’t been able to get out to my local comic shop this week, my days off this week have been Sunday and Tuesday and my next day off is this coming Sunday (thankfully, that day off signals the beginning of a week’s holiday).  It’s left me with no chance to get to Nostalgia and it’s the first week I’ve missed in quite a long time.  I don’t like it.  I know that my pull list is good for four weeks so everything from this week will be there when I head in next Wednesday but I’ve been significantly lacking in new comics.  It was made up for slightly by the fact that another Michael Turner variant Supergirl showed up today.  I’m not sure what it is about Michael Turner’s art, but something really strikes a chord with me, to the point where I’ve decided to start buying up any variants he’d done on any of my favourite series or characters.  I’ve gotten to the point where I’m less bothered about how much an individual comic costs and base my purchase on whether the prices matches how much I want it.  The two Turner Supergirl variants I have now weren’t disgustingly expensive but were a fair bit more than the cover price.  In this case, I don’t care, I wanted them enough to have paid quite a bit more than I did so I’m very happy.

Supergirl that arrived this week

Supergirl that arrived this week

During work today I spoke to a couple of people about yesterday’s guide page, it seems (from the fairly limited amount of feedback) to have been pretty well received.  Hopefully I’ll get to talk to a few collectors about it soon, that’s the feedback that I’m most interested in to be honest since those are the people that the guide was aimed at.  Next week might be more helpful to those of you who aren’t collectors, or at least aren’t currently anyway.  Next week I’m going to be talking about all the best places to buy from and what to look out for when purchasing.  I won’t just be talking about local comic shops either, there will be a fair bit of discussion on the best online locations for comic shopping too.  Now, though, I am hungry and it is time for some dinner and Arrow, which I have recently introduced my mother to, therefore giving me an excuse to watch it through again (like I need one).  So take care everyone, remember to take advantage of the glorious sun while we’ve got it else you’ll most likely be complaining when summer ends.
Thanks for reading all  @NIckLayland88


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