Bit earlier than usual today.

Good afternoon all, thought I would use a bit of free time I have this afternoon to throw out a quick update.  I have a fairly busy day ahead of me today, meeting up with a good friend of mine I’ve not seen in a little while and don’t get to see as often as I would like, so I’m not banking on having the time to do this later.

I have spent the last day (while not working anyway) planning a new page I am going to post up here either tomorrow or Thursday. The whole idea of this page is that it will be a guide to comic collecting split into 2 parts; part one will be discussing the best ways to store, protect and care for your comics. The second will be about purchasing, cataloguing and management. I will be discussing the best items to use for archiving comics and hopefully the guide will provide some useful tips to new and old collectors alike.

Now, when it comes to me sitting down and posting a new update on my blog, what I’ll normally do is have a rough idea of what I want to write about, then just sit down in front of my laptop and let it flow. It often means the direction of the blog post goes in a direction I wasn’t anticipating. Sometimes it means I end up talking about things I hadn’t thought about before writing. With the page, however, I needed it to be a clear and structured piece which is why I’ve opted to do a bit of planning before.

The great thing with “pages” as opposed to “posts” is the page will not fall into the same area as the regular posts. It’ll be permanently linked from the homepage of the blog so it’ll be easy for people to find rather than trying to find a specific blog post and having to go through each one until you’ve found it. I’ll post a link on Twitter and Facebook when it’s up but I’d especially ask people to share this one around to anyone that may find it useful.

With regards to my regular blog posts, these will not be interrupted or delayed in any way due to these guide posts. I actually have a few things in mind I’d like to discuss at some point this week and since I’ve done pretty well to get one of these out on time I don’t want to break the habit.

In terms of today, however, this is pretty much all I’ve got for you unfortunately. Feels kind of like a filler post, I know, but as I said I don’t really have time on my side right now but I wanted to put a bit of a spotlight on the upcoming pages.

In a couple of weeks time we have E3 where I’m anticipating lots of interesting things being revealed for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One so no doubt I’ll have lots of things to talk about from that. I have a few games I’m hoping get shown off there (I know that 4 didn’t come out that long ago, but I’d at least like 343 to confirm that Halo 5 is under development now). I’m also expecting to see more of The Witcher 3, being a big fan of the franchise I’m expecting some pretty big things from that. Fallout 4 would also be a really nice sight on the E3 news feed but I don’t really have my hopes up for that, not yet anyway.

Right then, that’s me about done for today. Keep an eye on the homepage and my Twitter/Facebook feeds for the new page coming soon. I’m really looking forward to putting it out there for everyone!

Hope you all have a good day, thanks for reading and please follow.


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