A day for rest.

That’s traditionally what today, Sunday, is meant to be all about.  Unfortunately, my current day job is in retail, this means that weekend work is normal for me.  I hate it, and I’m not necessarily having a moan about my job itself, that’s something I’d be far happier giving proper commentary on when I’ve left.  No, what I really hate is pretty much all my friends don’t work weekends and what this means for me is I get to spend my mid week days off by myself doing a fat lot of nothing (socially at least anyway) and then when the weekend rolls round I get invites to do stuff that I frequently can’t do.  It’s frustrating as hell, especially when you consider that retail pays minimum wage and yet they expect you to be as committed as the £30-50,000 a year managers.  Reality is, large numbers of people in retail jobs are incredibly dissatisfied with their jobs, promotion potential, managers, company and lack of respect shown for your life outside of work.  As it happens, I do have today off so while I had to work yesterday, it meant that my evening could be used for something fun rather than just waiting to go back into work again.  This also explains why there was no update yesterday, between finishing work, getting food then getting on with my evening’s plans there was no time.

I’ve come into this post today, though, with pretty much nothing on my mind that I really want to talk to.  I guess this is what happens when you try doing a blog post two hours after you’ve woken up!

Another plus side for today is that here in the UK (well, the Midlands at least) the sky is clear blue and for all intents and purposes, looks set to stick around for a beautiful day.  This always raises my spirits in general.  Good mood or bad mood, there’s nothing quite like sitting out in the sun, and generally if I’m not in a fantastic mood for some reason, sitting out in the sun will perk me right up.

This week is going to be so strange for TV watching.  By this, what I mean is that my TV watching habits are going to be completely out of whack this week.  As far as I can remember, all that is still running that I watch is Game of Thrones.  Even that’s now up to the penultimate episode tonight!  This leaves me with time to fill during the week with all of the comedy shows I watch over and done with until next season, with the exception being The Office, of course.  If anything this is the perfect opportunity to read through some comic book backlog that’s managed to build up, it’s also a really great chance to get some writing done and continue practicing my drawing.  The projects I’m working on in my own time I’m not ready to show off yet, but I’ve been working on a while and I think they’re coming along nicely.  I am willing to say, however, that the main two pieces I’m working on right now are both sci-fi, one set in 1889 America and one set in ~2020.  Both will be linked, with the story set in the past being a set up for the future story.  Hopefully it’ll make much more sense when I’m in a position to talk about it properly.  Because of the direction the stories have taken as I’ve been writing they’re taking quite a bit longer than I thought they would to get into a state I’m happy with.

I think now that 14:00 has rolled round I really need to get out of bed.  It’s incredibly comfy here, and I’m having great fun writing this and listening to the Barenaked Ladies discography on shuffle but I really want a cup of tea.  I could also do with a cigarette.  So I shall bid you all adieu, I hope you all enjoy your Sunday as much as I know I’m going to enjoy mine!

Thanks for reading!



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