So I have literally just remembered that I was due to post up a new blog today, although I’m still going to count this as within the 3 days since I haven’t slept yet.  Shush, it counts!  To be honest I’m quite impressed that I remembered at all today, or that I’m still awake even considering I got up at 5am and it is now bang on midnight (at time of writing this anyway).

Today certainly turned out to be a good one though and has left me with a fair bit to chat about.  The big one today, as many will know, was the reveal conference for the XBox One.  Or XBox-One, or XBoxOne.  Whatever, whichever one it is I can’t say I’m completely sold on the name.  I can see where they’re coming from with it (I think) in the sense that they want this to be the one device, except for the TV obviously, that you need or want to use in your living room.  If I’ve interpreted this right then it’s a fairly clever name, but I’m still not sold on it yet.  There was a lot of talk about all of the Kinect and TV options it’ll give you which came as no surprise to me, it had been noted before the conference that Microsoft would be showing off the console today, and games at E3.  That’s not to say we didn’t see anything game wise, there was still a showing which I believe has immediately put down the argument that the graphical step up from this generation to the next would be barely noticeable.  The demos looked incredible and while I am well aware that they weren’t all game footage, the signs are good so far.

The technical specifications Microsoft provided made for good reading too, I think all in all this is going to be a simply awesome console.  Now one thing I have noticed people bashing online is the appearance of the new console and I wondered, am I one of the only people to like the new design?  It’s clearly taken some of the design of the 360S, the very vent centric look, made it more angular and tidied up the front a lot.  One thing I’ve taken from it is that it’s nice to see a console that doesn’t look like a space toaster, Microsoft have made one device to rule the living room and actually made it look like a nice bit of AV kit.

I’ll be completely honest here though, I paid very little attention to the EA presentation and as soon as I realized they had saved Call of Duty Ghosts for last I turned it off and went to get some dinner.  It would have been interesting to see what had been accomplished in regards to how Ghosts looks but, frankly, I was hungry and just didn’t care enough.

Of course now that is out of the way my mind is now on this weeks comic releases, or at least the ones I will be buying anyway.  Looking at my calendar all my pull list has for me this week is The Darkness #113 and Justice League #20 which brings two other points to mind, one good and one not so.  On the bright side of these releases, JL #20 brings us a little closer to the massive “Trinity War” crossover between Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark.  I’m dead excited about this, being a fan of all three JL series since the New 52 relaunch.  Funnily enough, the dark side is The Darkness #113 means that there are only three more issues of The Darkness before “The Darkness Falls” mini series and then, as far as has been mentioned up to now, nothing.  No more Jackie Estacado.  This is a real shame, I can see where David Hine is coming from when he says that Jackie’s story has been heading this way for a little while but still, The Darkness is easily one of my favourite current series, especially since Hine and Haun took over writing and art duties respectively.  It does make me wonder though that if they’re OK revealing that kind of information ahead of time, what aren’t they telling us?  So much speculation could be made over this but to be honest, I’m not really sure where they’re going to go.  Time will tell I guess.

I watched the Batman Arkham Origins cinematic trailer yesterday, if you haven’t seen it, it’s a truly epic fight between Deathstroke and Bats.  I also noticed that those who pre-order the game will get to play as Deathstroke.  From what I can tell, Deathstroke will only be playable in the challenge modes but I don’t care.  I actually really like the challenge mode and I am a huge fan of Deathstroke so I will most certainly be pre-ordering.  I also found read over on Comic Book Resources that Kevin Conroy is not involved as WB wanted someone else to voice the younger Wayne/Batman.  It makes sense, but I also read on CBR that Conroy had accidentally (or “accidentally”) let slip that he is voicing Bats in a separate Arkham game in development at the same time.  This could well be why Rocksteady aren’t involved in “Origins” being too busy making their new Arkham game.  Rumours have been around for a little while that Rocksteady were making an Arkham game based on a silver age Batman story, maybe this is it?

I’ve just noticed how long this has turned out today, so I’m going to bid you farewell until next time.  I will attempt to be more punctual with my next entry.  Thanks for reading!



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