What a journey…

The Office (US) had it’s last ever episode aired this week.  Crazy.  Nine seasons have come and gone and while it’s certainly sad to know that there will never be another episode, the send off that the show got was absolutely perfect.  I’m going to be nice and avoid spoilers as I’m sure there are many that won’t have seen it yet but there were so many incredible moments it made it feel like a celebration of everyone’s achievements over the years, both on screen and off.  Still, it’s that time of year now where TV shows are winding down (Arrow is done, New Girl, Big Bang Theory (I think), Community) so now I have to find something to fill that time.

I’ve been playing quite a lot of Batman Arkham City again recently in anticipation of Arkham Origins, even if I do still have mixed feelings about it this prequel.  On the one hand the fact Origins is not being developed by Rocksteady is a little concerning what with the first two being awesome.  I’m also a little gutted that Paul Dini is no longer involved, I’m a big fan of his writing (Madame Mirage is one of the best books I’ve ever read).  With the lack of Rocksteady development I just have to look at the Darkness and the Darkness II, where I loved the first but enjoyed the second more, and it puts me a little at ease.  The main thing that keeps my hope up though is the strength of the franchise, WB are not stupid and they will surely not put out a product that will sour the Arkham reputation.  They will want to make sure that it is done right, stays true to the foundations of the first two and bring something new and fresh to keep people interested.  I can’t imagine they’d be overly thrilled at the prospect of putting out a poor game focused on the current most popular DC character.  What will completely put my mind at rest is if Kevin Conroy is playing Batman/Bruce Wayne because, again, I can’t imagine that a man so popular amongst the fans for being easily the best voice actor for Batman would want to tarnish that in any way.

Maybe I’m just being overly optimistic, I don’t know.  The fact that Origins will have Deathstroke in does grab at me quite a lot too, I’m a big fan of Deathstroke so I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle him in the game.

Right, it’s gone half 10 now and not only do I have work tomorrow, but now I’ve been talking about it I really want to go and get some more Arkham City in before I go to bed.  Before I go, consider this a parting gift, a little music recommendation for a band that doesn’t get anywhere near the attention they deserve… Ghost.

As always, @NickLayland88


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