Best day of the week.

That’s right, Wednesdays are the best day of the week.  For me anyway, since I work a job where Saturday and Sunday are not days I automatically get off (in fact they are days I’m lucky to get off) whereas every week, without fail, new comics are released every Wednesday and I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have something to pick up from my pull list in a week.  This was a pretty good week as far as it goes; Supergirl #20 and Wonder Woman #20 from DC and Think Tank #7 from Top Cow.  All were enjoyable, but WW #20 dipped off a bit this month and while I can tell that it’s building up to something awesome it seemed to just chug along somewhat this issue.  Supergirl #20 I thought was really back in form with Supergirl still not really trusting Power Girl and the A.I. in Supergirl’s sanctuary was incredibly funny!

The strongest entry for me this week was Think Tank #7.  Matt Hawkins has managed to craft this intriguing story about a genius in a government think tank and make it educational at the same time.  You can’t help but come away from every issue having learned several new things and the science lessons in the back where he discusses the real world tech that his devices are based off make for some fascinating reading.  The tension was really ramped up in this issue, and while it can be quite a text heavy comic it never feels bogged down by words and it still leaves plenty of room for Rahsan Ekedal’s artwork, which is incredibly executed.  All in all, can’t recommend this book enough!

Comics haven’t been the only thing released this week that I am buzzing for; Polkadot Cadaver released their latest full length album, “Last Call in Jonestown” yesterday and I can barely listen to anything else at the moment.  I’m really trying not to burn myself out on it but it’s such a fun album, it’s the perfect combination of Polkadot’s last album and late Dog Fashion Disco. 

Right, I’m quite tired tonight after working from 20:00 last night to 5:00(ish) this morning and sitting here staring at this computer screen is just making me more tired so I’m going to head off.  If you want to check out a song off Polkadot Cadaver’s new album, head here and I would highly recommend everyone head here to read Think Tank #1 if you haven’t already (bottom right of home page).

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