Change of plan

So, when I started this blog on Friday evening, one of the first things I said is that I would try and make this a daily updated blog.  It’s now Sunday evening, and here we are at blog post two.  I am realizing that daily was a little too ambitious, so I’m now setting myself the target of posting an update every 2-3 days.  This feels like a much more achievable goal and I think it’s more likely that I’ll have something worthwhile to discuss with a slightly larger gap between each.

Now that is out of the way, today’s update can commence proper, although don’t expect anything like Friday’s post, unfortunately I do not have the same amount of time afforded to me as I did that evening.

Been a pretty nice and chilled weekend, had a friend over last night for a quiet night in getting relatively intoxicated, playing video games and re-watched Justice League Doom.  You know, no matter how many times I watch the DC animated films, they never cease to amaze me with the level of writing, voice acting and of course animation that goes into them.  It watches like something that everyone involved realized what a privilege it is to work on.  Also, no one does Batman like Kevin Conroy.

I got myself up to date with the New 52 Suicide Squad today too, which I have to say I really enjoyed.  The team, both on an individual level and on a team level, has come a long way since the start and while I enjoyed it at the start (covert team of incarcerated super villains forced out on missions by the government just sucked me straight in) I find I’m now quite invested in the character’s personal history and battles.  It’s by no means been perfect from start to present, a few niggles have arisen here and there and there are a couple of characters on the team I’m not that fussed about but on the whole it’s been a fun read.  And the new team member is already shaping up nicely (won’t go into details, this is not a spoiler blog).

That’s about all I’ve got for you today, got a few things that still need seeing to tonight so until next time, cheerio!



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